RCO Donation Application Process

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The Rotary Club of Orangeville (RCO) financially supports local community projects via our fundraising efforts, like Little Taste of Scotland in January, Orangeville Ribfest in July and the Rotary Fall Fest in September.

If your organization has a project or equipment purchase, you would like our financial support, and your organization fits our donation focus for the coming year, then please fill out the attached form at the bottom of this page and we will evaluate your request.

Please note that we receive more requests than we can afford to fund, resulting in us declining funding on otherwise worthwhile projects.  We appreciate your understanding if we notify you that we cannot support your request.

Our decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Our funding focus for this application round is:   Improving the lives of others in Orangeville.

Please Note:

All applications must align with our funding focus articulated above.All applicants must be willing to work with RCO as we plan our fundraisers to support your project. This includes planning, soliciting corporate sponsorship (if applicable), day / weekend of support, and clean-up.While our maximum funding amount for an individual project is $20,000, projects in the $5,000 – $15,000 will likely receive higher consideration.We tend not to support requests for ongoing operating expenses. We prefer fixed term projects and capital expenses.We tend not to fund year-over-year requests unless they are an already established Rotary International Project (eg: Rotaract, Interact), a project aligned with those Rotary International projects (eg: Grandpals), or are part of a larger municipal commitment where we are part of a larger funding consortium. For projects of the latter nature, please email our contact person directly.


Please find attached this PDF Application Form.  Clear, concise, typewritten responses will increase your likelihood of success in this application process. Feel free to add additional pages as required.


Rotary Club of Orangeville Community Requests CoordinatorE:

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