The Rotary Golf Ball Drop

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The Rotary Golf Ball Drop

Lynbrook Family Golf Centre

285316 County Road 10, Amaranth

Grand prize: Up to $10,000.

Only a maximum of 2000 tickets/balls, so your odds of winning are pretty good!

Tickets are only $10 each

Up to 2000 numbered golf balls are dropped from 65 feet up.  The ticket holder for the ball landing in, or closest to the hole, wins the grand prize of up to $10,000!
Prize amount is dependent on number of tickets sold.
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Fall Fest LogoThe annual Golf Ball Drop Lottery is now part of an all day Autumn festival.

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…to everyone who purchased a ticket, and to our local merchants who assisted with ticket sales.  And thank you to our partner, Lynbrook Family Golf Centre and to our donors for helping to make this event possible each year; Orangeville Equipment Rentals who donated the zoom-boom, Bruce Blears of the Amaranth Lions Club for all those golf balls, and Mills Construction Products for our new ball drop basket. Proceeds from the Rotary Golf Ball Drop Lottery will donated to Habitat for Humanity.