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Be a 6 feet apart sponsor

[/vc_column_text][gem_divider margin_top=”25″][vc_column_text]The Rotary Club of Orangeville is excited to announce that the 11th annual Orangeville Rotary Ribfest is being replaced this year by a live online broadcast quality three-hour concert featuring The Campfire Poets and will be held on July 18th from 7pm to 10pm.  The concert will be streamed on YouTube and Facebook for all to see.  Please share the attached flyer showing the date and time of the online concert with people in your organization, your family, and friends for all to enjoy.

The purpose of the concert is to support our Front-Line Workers associated with Headwaters Health Care Centre.  All funds donated will go to the hospital to cover COVID-19 related expenses.

During this time in days like we have been experiencing these last few months where we are asked to stay home as much as possible, fundraising and advertising through an online concert is as much about connecting with the community as raising funds.  We hope to do both with your help.

A concert like this gives businesses like yours an opportunity to show you are supporting our community.  We are providing a sponsorship opportunity for you in two ways:

  1. A ribbon will run across the bottom of the screen during the three-hour concert showing each sponsors logo (please supply). The number of times your logo will be seen will be dependent on the number of sponsors choosing this option.  The cost of this option is $250.
  2. A 15 second commercial, shown at least three times during the concert. This option will require some work with your business to create the commercial.  You will be assisted by a qualified individual to put the commercial together.   Choosing this option requires you to contact us immediately to set up a time to create the commercial prior to the concert.  The cost of this option is $1,000.

Through Ribfests, one of the biggest summer events in Orangeville, Rotary has helped build a sense of community while raising funds for worthwhile local projects. In the past Rotary supported the Credit Valley Conservation Authority and Island Lake Conservation Area, the Dufferin County Cultural Resource Circle, the Headwaters Health Care Centre, the Junior B Northmen, the Orangeville Food Bank, the Rotary EarlyAct & Interact Clubs at Montgomery Village Public School and several other organizations. Since 2016, Ribfest has raised in excess of $250,000.

Rotary understands some businesses may be unable to sponsor/advertise due to the impact of COVID-19 and we are all hoping for recovery soon.  For those who can, we invite you to support this community building concert by being a sponsor and advertiser.  Please complete the attached sponsorship form and email to or fill out our on-line sponsorship form at

We will require a high resolution logo in .jpg or .png format to display on our website and broadcast.

Questions or comments? Contact our Sponsorship Chair Lisa at 519-941-0681 ext. 8865, or .

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We invite you to partner with us for the Campfire Poets, 6 Feet Apart
Live stream Concert
July 18, 2020


$1000 - 15 second TV Commercial plus logo on screen during show$250 - Company logo on screen during show

Orangeville Rotary will e-mail you an invoice for your Sponsorship to email address as above. If you would prefer the invoice sent to a different email, please indicate below.
Please specify alternate email

Payment may be made by e-transfer to or by cheque upon receipt of the invoice, mailed to:
Rotary Club of Orangeville
P.O. Box 265, Orangeville, ON L9W2Z6


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